6.1.2. How to use the automated script

The automated script is for performing DLK easily and it’s located in “scripts/dlk_script_wrapper.sh” of the DLK.

This document shows how to run DLK with “scripts/dlk_script_wrapper.sh”. We assume that <DLK_DIR> is the top level directory of DLK. Prepare input directory and data

Firstly We need to make the directory which includes input data and we assume that the name is <INPUT_DIR> for a explanation. Of cource you can choose a name as you like. It’s OK to put <INPUT_DIR> to anywhere you like. Next we need to prepare “*.pb” file into the <INPUT_DIR>. In this time, we named as “example.pb”. Of course other name is OK, but the extention needs to be “.pb”.

Now the structure of <INPUT_DIR> becomes as below.

└── example.pb

<INPUT_DIR> needs to have only one “*.pb” file. Prepare output directory

Making output directory is necessary. We assume that the name of output directory is <OUTPUT_DIR>. We just need to make <OUTPUT_DIR>, and it needs to be empty to save results. If the <OUPUT_DIR> directroy is not empty, a error message will be shown. Execute the script

We execute the “scripts/dlk_script_wrapper.sh”. “scripts/dlk_script_wrapper.sh” takes three aruguments.

We can execute as below.

$ <DLK_DIR>/scripts/dlk_script_wrapper.sh <CLS or DET or SEG> <INPUT_DIR> <OUTPUT_DIR>

If you get an error, please check the error message and fix it. Get results

We can get results in the following directory.


You’ll see the following files.

  • lm_x86.elf

  • lm_arm.elf

  • lm_fpga.elf

  • libdlk_x86.so

  • libdlk_arm.so

  • libdlk_fpga.so

  • <FPGA_DIR>/preloader-mkpimage.bin

  • <FPGA_DIR>/soc_system.rbf

<FPGA_DIR> is the directory and this name is changed by first argument of “dlk_script_wrapper.sh” as below.

  • CLS —> <FPGA_DIR> is classification.

  • DET —> <FPGA_DIR> is object_detection.

  • SEG —> <FPGA_DIR> is segmentation.

Please refer to “run_on_board” page about usage of these files.