ATTENTION: Experiment package contains highly experiment layers. Users should use this package with advanced knowledge. Package Contents Functions


blueoil.layers.experiment.max_unpool_with_argmax(x, argmax, ksize, data_format='NHWC')
LeapMind max unpool with argmax function using Defun.

Computes a partial inverse of MaxPoolWithArgmax. This function returns max unpooled tensor. If data format is NCHW, pre-transpose and post-transpose would be added.

The function name in graph is io.leapmind.MaxUnpoolWithArgmax.

  • x (tf.Variable) – The max pooled inputs.

  • argmax (tf.Variable) – The argmax from tf.nn.max_pool_with_argmax which has same shape with inputs.

  • ksize (list) – Size of the max pooling window.

  • data_format – An optional string from “NHWC”, “NCHW”. Defaults to “NHWC”.(Default value = ‘NHWC’)


An unpooled tensor.

Return type